answers all your questions related to carpet and upholstery cleaning. Keep in mind that you are always free to contact us to clarify any information and our well trained staff will be glad to answer all your questions.

How Often Should I Get My Carpet Cleaned?

Most manufacturers suggest having your carpet cleaned at least twice a year. advices its clients to clean carpets as soon as possible especially for those who’s residential or commercial property owners experience high foot traffic. Foot traffic causes dirt and grime seep deeper into the carpet.

Water damage should be treated as an emergency case and you should call a professional carpet cleaner immediately.

Are The Cleaning Materials And Protection Methods Safe? is a Green Carpet Cleaning Company, and so we ensure that our professionals use only approved cleaning substances and effective technology that are completely safe and environmentally friendly. We stay away from harmful chemicals and do not leave irritant residues and only use natural organic products that don’t linger on for years.

Can A Discolored Carpet Be Restored?

With even the worst case of discoloration is redeemable. Our technicians apply spot treatment on the discolored area to completely rid your carpet off the discoloration.

In worse case scenarios, the affected area is replaced with a matching piece from our wide stock of carpet samples creating a virtually seamless transition and bringing your carpet back to life.

Will All The Spots On My Carpet Come Out? has professional carpet cleaners who come up with innovative ways to remove even the most stubborn of spots. It’s unusual to find a spot that won’t come out after professional cleaning techniques have been applied.

How Soon Will I Be Able To Walk On My Carpet Again?

A minimum of 2 hours is recommended before regular traffic on the carpet resumes. also recommends using the carpet lightly immediately after cleaning by wearing socks or house slippers. Bare feet may leave oil spots.

How Long Will It Take For The Carpet To Dry?

The normal drying time is usually between 4-24 hours depending on the level of humidity in the air, air movement and room temperature. Sometimes it takes longer especially when Scotchgard has been applied.

Can Pet Odor Be Removed From My Carpet?

Pet odor is a common occurrence but there are professional ways to get pet odor out of your carpet. Pet urine seeps through the carpet and settles into the padding underneath while in severe cases it penetrates though the sub floor beneath the padding. removes or neutralizes the affected layers. If the situation is not severe, then standard cleaning removes the odor. Severe cases require replacement of carpet padding.

Is There Any Service That Can Correct Bleached Or Faded Spots On My Carpet? does excellent repairs or spot dyeing leaving your carpet looking good as new.

What Should I Know Before Buying A Carpet?

The carpet should meet the required standards in terms of color fastness, shrinkage and fiber content. It should also posses the ability to be cleaned on a regular basis without suffering unnecessary damage. Contact and we will help you locate the perfect carpet for your house or office.

Other FAQ

As mentioned earlier we provide vast services including upholstery and area rug cleaning. We answer some of the questions concerning furniture and area rug cleaning.

How Long Will It Take For My Furniture To Dry?

6-10 hours is the average time but we recommend that you abstain from using it till the next morning.

How Do I Maintain The Exquisite Look On My Oriental Rug? does regular treatment of expensive oriental rugs right at your home. You can also buy a well engineered vacuum cleaner, preferably with a separate rotating brush to get much of the abrasive household dust and mites out on a weekly basis.

Regular professional cleaning completely removes these harmful substances and organisms. Keep in mind that domestic vacuums should never be used for oriental rug cleaning purpose.

How Do I Remove Pet Urine Odor And Stain From My Expensive Rug?

Expensive rugs are very delicate and the wrong treatment can result in irreversible damages to your expensive rugs so do not attempt to clean it on your own. Call us today for specialized cleaning and deodorizing to ensure that your carpet maintains its beauty.


Carpet and area rugs cleaning is quite complex and requires intricate methods to ensure that your carpet and area rugs maintain their original form. Contact the best carpet and area rug cleaning service provider. If you need any question answered then get in touch with Bestbuycarpetcleaning.Com.

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